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What is a Bail Bond?

For a person or someone who gets into trouble with the law, bail bonds can be a great subject of interest. If for example that, that person is arrested, the only way to get out of prison until their court date is through posting a bail. Simply put, bond is the sum of money posted which is also used as guarantee that the accused used that he or she will show up on the scheduled trials in front of the judge and juries.

In most cases, an average person don’t have the money to pay for the cost of their bail and because of that, bail bondsmen take over to cover the rest of the charges. Following are some of the frequently asked questions about this subject or service.

Question number 1. How much is the fee – as a matter of fact, the fee for bail bond differs from the company that you are talking to but the charges to post bail is oftentimes 10 to 15 percent of the full amount.

Question number 2. How does an individual find a company – there are basically many different ways that can help a person locate a company that can post bail for them. One of the most used sources in this matter are yellow pages and the internet, which certainly have enough listings of businesses that offer such service. Believe you don’t, most of these businesses are available 24/7.

Question number 3. Are there benefits to this kind of practice – for the person being accused of a crime, this time out of jail will help them to keep working and generate the income they needed. Additionally, it’ll give them enough time to find a legal representative and make plans to defend their case. If you are wondering how bondsmen can benefit from this is that, the company generates profit from the interests that they receive from loaning the money on their clients.

Question number 4. Will this be useful with overcrowded jails – these days, jails become so crowded that a lot of the locales turned into tents to house inmates. In reality, this is causing a big dent on the taxpayers money by feeding, housing and clothing incarcerated inmates. If for example that the person hasn’t been proven guilty, then what’s the reason for locking them up? With instant imprisonment, this is just adding to the problem of overcrowding and may even provoke trauma both to the accused and their family.

Question number 5. Is the fee refundable – regardless of the verdict of the case, fees that are charged by bailbond agents are non-refundable.

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