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Advantages of Hiring a Turf and Sod Company

It is very easy for you to actually enjoy various benefits from hiring a turf and sod company. This is because these companies are good at lawn sodding. A major benefit is that through lawn sodding you get cleaner air quality. A healthy lawn normally provides enough oxygen for a family of four. This is because a well sodded yard helps in cleaning the atmosphere by trapping carbon dioxide. It then releases oxygen and stores carbon. This can be a great way of enriching the soil and breaking down harmful pollutants. Due to this ground water is able to recharge.

Hiring a turf and sod company ensures that you are able to control soil erosion. Sodding makes it easy to stabilize the construction site. You will avoid soil and water erosion which means no soil will be lost. Sod also helps in increasing the stability of soil by enriching it. Compared to bare soil the lawn will be able to absorb more water.

Transpiration cooling is another benefit of hiring a turf and sod company. Compared to natural grass lawns pavements are hotter. This is because grass uses transpiration cooling to actually lower the temperature. In this case it will be possible actually walk barefoot. Playing in that lawn will also be safe for your children. The surrounding environment can be cooled by the way grass reflect off heat. You will be able to conserve water when you hire a turf and sod company. This is because sodded turf sites only require irrigation for a short period of time. This means it will not be like those sites that require watering all the time. In this case your lawn will only require less water.

You can improve the value of your home by hiring a turf and sod company. This is because there is curb appeal provided by a well sodded lawn. A well maintained landscape and a green carpet lawn will help you increase the value of your home. This will give an advantage of getting more buyers interested in your home when you decide to sell your home. This is because a lot of buyers want a lawn that is well maintained. This means your home will sell for a better price. Another advantage of hiring a sod company is that you will avoid using herbicides. This is because you will end up establishing a turf with quality sod. You will avoid weed control for years and years to come. A well sodded lawn can reduce the risk of invasion by weeds with an active growing quality. A well sodded lawn also acts as a cushion by reducing glare and this is very good for sports. Hiring a turf and sod company will help you have a well sodded lawn that can help you enjoy very many benefits.

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