3 Important Tips to Remember When Cutting Grass

Well-maintained home lawns can instantly improve curb appeal. A beautiful yard will also increase property values and turn a yard into the ideal playground. Watering and fertilizing keep grass healthy, but mowing and trimming are the keys to beautiful lawns. However, Cutting Grass is more than just running a mower over the lawn. For best results, homeowners need to have a plan. They should also know how long to leave grass and be able to trim and edge lawns efficiently.

Make a Cutting Plan

Experienced homeowners often have their own unique plan for cutting the perfect lawn. Many pass their techniques on to children who swear by their tried-and-true methods. The classic method is to trim edges first and then mow the grass. That throws clipping onto the grass where they are mulched by the lawnmower. While this plan works well, it is not the only one that landscapers use. Many mow first and then edge. They take advantage of their mower’s cutting areas to minimize trimming time.

Avoid Cutting Lawns Too Short

Smart homeowners avoid the trap of cutting lawns too short. It may seem logical that a shorter cut will reduce the need for mowing, but too-short grass can become a problem. If the grass isn’t left long enough, brown patches may develop. Weeds are likely to break through the turf. Professionals suggest leaving grass between 1″ and 3″ during the warm season. During colder weather, it should be no shorter than 2 12″ to 3 1/2″.

Combine Trimming and Edging

The right edging and trimming techniques can produce excellent results and save time. Landscapers suggest turning a string trimmer head for each task. For example, homeowners can hold the trimmer head vertically to create a clean edge along areas like curbs. When the trimmer is held horizontally, it will efficiently trim around landscape features or bushes. Experts suggest looking at a property before beginning and then following a single continuous path while edging and trimming.

Homeowners who want beautifully manicured lawns can get the results they want by following a few professional guidelines. Experts suggest having a mowing plan and leaving grass long enough to remain healthy. They also recommend edging and trimming at the same time.

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